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About Us

We believe great wine starts in the vineyard.

With our region's growing reputation for quality grape and wine production and its increasing popularity, we are proud to be a part of the advancements we, as an industry, are collectively achieving. Hector Vineyard Management Company aims to always provide dedicated, genuine work and insight. Our personal goal is to be a clear and available resource for our clients while always expanding our knowledge and abilities. 


Our Story

The Finger Lakes wine region's history is rich and deep. For hundreds of years, people have cultivated grapes on the fields and slopes surrounding our glacial lakes. Generations' worth of hard work has paid off, and the vintages produced here are now part of the global wine scene. The overall successes of the Finger Lakes have brought higher demand and ability. Our owners recognized the expanding need for vineyards, and most importantly, people to tend and guide them through all growth stages.

In 2018, Hector Vineyard Management Company was born. Since our creation, we have grown our client base, expanded our team, and doubled our equipment. We're not stopping there.

Our team members found viticulture through a variety of ways. Some of us have generations of farming in our blood. Some of us studied and earned degrees in grape farming. Some of us just kind of stumbled into the work. The things we all have in common are our love for the job, all the challenges and rewards that come with agriculture, and the close relationships we foster.


Our Clients

From the start, we have collaborated with some of the top tier wineries and vineyard sites across the region. We highly value the passion everyone brings to their business and strive to make their vision come to fruition.  

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